Fun Ways To Celebrate Diwali – The Festival Of Lights

News| 16th October 2022
Fun Ways To Celebrate Diwali – The Festival Of Lights
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Fun Ways To Celebrate Diwali – The Festival Of Lights

By Shivika Gupta  


On Saturday October 24, millions of people across the globe will come together with friends and family to light up their homes, share a meal, and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Whether you’ve been celebrating Diwali for years or this is your first time, here are some tips on how to fill your space with joy and light this season.

Illuminate your home

There are many ways you can brighten up and prepare your home for Diwali. Leave on a few wall lights, hang up some glowing fairy lights or burn some candles from Better Home. For a more traditional celebration, light some diyas (colourfully designed clay lamps) and leave one in each room of your house. Using ghee (clarified butter) in the lamps will make your house smell incredible.

The most popular way to create a burst of Diwali light comes from lighting sparklers. Pierce the dark with crackling sparklers from $2 Bargains.

Treat yourself to some new clothes

As Diwali is a time for celebration, it’s high time to reward yourself with some crisp new celebration clothes and show off a sparkly new outfit. When choosing what to wear, the more colour the better – think lively, contrasting colours and beautifully embroidered patterns.

Women often wear a salwar kameez (matching trousers, long shirt and a dupatta – a long scarf) and men usually wear a kurta (the male equivalent of a salwar kameez). Take photos and share them with your family to spread the excitement.

Feast on traditional dishes

Eating and sharing sweets is a huge part of South Asian culture and there’s no end to the huge variety on offer at Diwali. Most desserts are made from milk, nuts, raisins, coconut and different flours that come in a rainbow of colours, so you won’t be able to resist trying them all.

Have a go at making gujia (also known as karanaji and gughara) a popular sweet made by families, particularly for Diwali. These deep-fried dumplings are stuffed with nuts, raisins and khoya (a delicious, rich, concentrated milk product).

If you prefer savory flavours, try your hand at making namak pare and murukul, which are fried donut snacks or chivda, a food made with flattened rice, raisins, nuts and spices. If you don’t feel like making the traditional dishes, you can still join in on the feast by picking up a box of goodies from Reliable Groceries.

Gift some sweets to your friends

Remember to share the love! If you’re struggling to get through your mountains of homemade sweet treats, get your friends to help out. One of the nicest parts of Diwali is checking in on your loved ones, exchanging food and spending quality time together.

Prepare boxes filled with snacks and sweets and share them among your friends. Package them in beautifully coloured bags and boxes from Home Bargains to spread the joyous feeling, then deliver them in person and catch up as you nibble on the treats.

Gather with family and friends

A great way to celebrate the spirit of Diwali is by bringing people together. Share a feast, light some sparklers, and maybe try making rangoli, a traditional artwork made on the ground using rice flour, coloured sand, flower petals and coloured rocks.

There are many ways you can welcome ‘the festival of lights’. Visit Roxburgh Village to gather your supplies.

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