How To Host The Ultimate Halloween Party

News| 10th October 2022
How To Host The Ultimate Halloween Party
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How To Host The Ultimate Halloween Party


To help you host a wicked Halloween celebration that is as successful as it is petrifying, we've got some spooky decor, costume and activity suggestions.

Decor ideas

1)    Deck the walls

Make any room a little creepy with some simple decorations. Home Bargains has some Halloween-specific signs and bunting. Otherwise if you’d like to turn it into a DIY activity with the kids, grab some black paper, scissors, a few metallic markers and some Blu-Tack. Draw some spooky shapes – bats, spiders and snakes are all great options. Cut them out, draw faces or fangs on them using the metallic markers, then Blu-Tack to the walls.

2)    Good ol’ pumpkin carving

Pick up a few pumpkins from Green Apple Fruit & Veg, hollow them out and carve some faces into them. Get  some battery-powered fairy lights from ALDI, place them inside the pumpkins and place around your home.

3)    Create a graveyard grazing table

For this creepy buffet, you’ll need a black tablecloth from Better Home, candles from $2 Bargains Roxburgh Park and lots of creepy treats, from savoury snacks, to sweets and drinks. Group the candles in clusters around the table to create a gothic glow. Then scatter the Halloween snacks around. For some clever Halloween recipes, head here.

Costume ideas

1)    Knight in shining armour

For this, you’ll need a grey tracksuit, a bike helmet, some cardboard and lots of foil. Once you have all your supplies, trace a sword shape and shield out of cardboard and cut them out. Next, wrap the tin foil around the cardboard cut-outs and bike helmet, securing them with tape.

2)    An army of zombie convicts

This one is an easy and effective whole-family costume. Visit Chemist Warehouse for a supply of makeup in pale shades. Next, stop by ALDI, which has ready to go zombie outfits. Put on your costumes and dullen your faces with makeup or paint to really freak people out when you’re trick or treating.

3)    Secret superheroes

A speedy idea for kids – big and small. Put on a top that has some sort of superhero logo; $2 Bargains Roxburgh Park sells heaps. Layer regular clothes on top with the logo peeking through to be your very own secret superhero.

Game ideas

1)    Ghouls on a string

Use a food marker to draw some ghoulish faces onto marshmallows. Cut several 1.5m pieces of string and tie five marshallows to eat. Tie the pieces of string to a clothesline. Players need to keep their hands behind their backs while as they race to eat their marshmallows first. This one is simply hilarious.

2)    Spooky board games

Did you know that there are tons of Halloween-inspired board games available at Home Bargains? Reward the winners with spooky prizes.

3)    Halloween heads up

Firstly, everyone has to write down a Halloween-related word on a post-it note. One person picks a word from the pile (without looking) and tries to guess what it is based on the clues from everyone else.

Head into Roxburgh Village to gather everything you need to treat your family and friends to a haunted house party for a haunted Halloween house party.

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