Keeping the Kids Busy at Home

News| 14th September 2020
Keeping the Kids Busy at Home
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Sarita Holland is a podcaster, influencer, mum of three children and a master multi-tasker.

We all know that spending extra time at home at the moment can be super challenging. However, those of us with kids can attest to the fact that keeping everyone fed, amused, and on top of their school work can make it even harder. Thankfully, Sarita has some tips on how to make things a little bit easier and actually enjoy the time at home with your family.

To find out how she manages the juggling act, we caught up to chat work-life balance, family bonding activities and even how she gets her kids to eat their veggies.

Hey Sarita. Can you tell us a little about your family?

I have three kids – my daughter Stevie who is 10 and identical twin boys Kip and Bowie 9. And of course, my husband, Brodie.

What activities have you been doing as a family to keep everyone entertained?

We’ve been forced to slow down and go back to basics. We’ve been doing lots of home cooking, playing board and card games and the kids have also rediscovered their love of drawing and LEGO. Every day we bike ride as a family – something I’d never done previously. It’s been so fun spending quality time with the kids.

How have you kept your kids motivated and on top of their schooling?

It hasn’t been easy, but now that they have the hang of things, they’ve accepted that they need to knuckle down and get the work done – plus they don’t get to bikes ride until their work is done. It has been a real challenge juggling homeschooling with work and running the house. I normally don’t get to shower until around 3pm!

Do you have any tips for parents looking for cost-effective activities to keep the kids busy?

Give the kids a challenge to find a recipe online that requires only 3-4 simple ingredients that you have in the pantry. It can get messy, but it’s teaching them such essential life skills, and it’s been so great seeing the kids learn how to use the stove, blenders and oven.

Another cheap (albeit messy) activity is making fluffy paint and letting the kids paint old vases or ornaments from around the house. Simply add two tablespoons of baking powder to a cup of paint and mix it. It creates a thick, chalky paint that looks amazing and can be used on glass, ceramic – you name it.

Do you have any suggestions for encouraging kids to eat their fruit and veggies?

My daughter Stevie is a shocker when it comes to eating, whereas the boys will try most things. I’ve accepted that my kids prefer a dinner without too many cooked veggies, so I’ll make a chicken and rice stir fry and then cut up a big platter of raw vegetables – cucumber, carrots, red capsicum, chickpeas, celery and lots of fruit.

And any tips for getting kids involved in meal prep?

I love getting the kids involved, especially with rice paper rolls or sushi rolls. They’re so easy for kids to make and they love it. I also have nights where I can’t be bothered cooking, so I’ll tell the kids they can make up platters. We might have cut up fruit, vegetable sticks, a broken up roast chicken, pita pockets, cheese and dips. It’s super easy for the kids to do!

What have you enjoyed most about spending time at home with your family?

I’ve been so appreciative of this time. Of course, it’s challenging, but I’ve spent so much quality time with the family, and we’ve never played so many fun games and watched so many movies together. I’ve cooked so much and actually enjoyed it because I’m not rushing home in bad traffic from a busy day at work. I’ve loved our walks and bike rides, and also our home improvement DIY jobs that we’ve been tackling.

Have you learnt anything along the way?

That my kids are very capable. They’ve matured and grown up so much, and gosh kids are resilient!

For more tips and family activity inspiration, you can follow Sarita’s journey here

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